Trampoline Accessories

image of children having funSometimes buying a trampoline isn’t enough. Sometimes you want more. Maybe you got tired of plain old jumping, or maybe you want a different, better, bigger challenge. Whatever the case, there are some accessories you can use to make your jumping experience more fun and more safe, depending on the accessory.

While I made sure to concentrate on the safety first on this website, I’ll review some of the more fun-inducing things here. Bear in mind that having such a blast can leave long-lasting consequences of being permanently happy.

Also, when you leave your kids outside to play with these, usually make sure to be there and watch them. More fun and more jumping can usually lead to more injuries if they aren’t careful enough. That being said, they will simply love you more because you gave them more opportunities to spend their excess energy. That isn’t such a bad thing after all, right?

Here I’ll also give you a tool which can be really important if you’re having some trouble assembling your trampoline, especially concerning springs. The spring tool is something of a must-have when you love trampolines and you don’t want to risk not getting all of the necessary equipment for assembling it straight out of the box. Also, it can be compensated with strong hands, but I mean really strong. I don’t want to count on that, and since springs can hurt you really bad, you should probably just be using the tool and get it done with.

You know, there is nothing more precious than those moments when you watch and see your kids having the fun of their lifetime. You know that once they grow up, they will start worrying about school, university, soon they will start leading the “normal” lives, taking care of income, friends, their own family and pretty much the kind of fun they are having stops slowly, but surely. There is a statistic that says that kids smile approximately 500 times a day, while adults do so about 5 times a day. No kidding, that is the official data.

Be generous. Get something for your kids that will leave them happier, that will provide some more juice to their lives, and which can in many ways make your life better, too. Hanging out with friends on a trampoline, working out or anything your mind can conceive… Just do it. Don’t hesitate. Your kids won’t get another chance at their childhood. Make the best out of it. Buy them a trampoline or a toy of that kind. You won’t be disappointed, it can only get better.

1. JumpSport BigTop trampoline tent

image of bigtop tentRemember when you were small and used to dream about the treehouse or even making or having one? Wouldn’t you be really happy if your kid could use the same?

Well, if treehouse won’t do for you, you could really consider owning this piece of accessory for your trampoline. We’re talking more fun, more joy, something your kids could use all day long (even if they don’t actually want to jump), something to hang out in with their friends, make a picnic or a camping trip in the backyard… Oh, and you can even make some stories about the tent.

Maybe you got it when you wrestled with the alligator. Maybe you got it when you beat that giant goldfish on the north pole. Make something up.

Anyways, let’s talk specifics: this tent is 11 feet across and 5 1/2 feet high. that means it can fit inside 12ft+ trampolines. It has a patent on a design without poles which keeps your children safe when they’re jumping around it. So how do you assemble it then?

It’s really easy. You need to have the enclosure set up, or just poles of the enclosure; you simply attach the ropes that tie the tent to the enclosure poles and you’re good to go. It really is simple, right?

It has 3 windows (of course it isn’t glass, it’s a tent) and a zipper door on it. You can close it, play inside, isolate yourself from the world.

Also, it is quite durable, so you can leave it outside in the rain. I’d pack it up if it is going to rain a lot though; there is no need to waste this beautiful thing when you’re not using it.

Advertised as a “JumpSport only compatible” meaning trampolines, you should know that it is just made so that you can attach it to JumpSport trampolines the easiest. For all of the other brands, just bear in mind that you might need some tinkering (highly unlikely) and that you need to have the enclosure net set.

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2. NorthShore NSI Bounceboard Classic

Speaking of more fun, are you maybe an adrenaline junkie? Do you like snowboarding? Or maybe you liked skateboards back in the day. Well, boards are fun, there is no doubt about that. People tend to spend countless days practicing moves, driving them, feeling the rush and adrenaline through their body… And all the while occasionally breaking some body parts.

Usually, it is a hand or leg, but I have one friend who broke his collar bone falling from his skateboard, all while he was practicing the next trick. The trick he wanted to impress me with. That makes me responsible for his injury and I’m ashamed of it.

Even though I still have that friend and he suffered a lot because of that broken bone, I encouraged my kids to drive boards (both skateboard and snowboard) so they can feel the action as much as possible. However, I tend to care about safety; and safety is pretty debatable with these things. There is no doubt that they are dangerous, that is for sure.

But there is something I managed to do for my kids. I made them promise they won’t try any of the tricks until they are absolutely sure they can pull them off in-action and made them practice these over and over again on their trampoline. So first I bought a board, strapped their legs on it and let them jump. And then, as I was surfing through the web, I found this little piece of equipment.

It has adjustable foot straps, the bottom is slip-resistant so you are sure to jump, not slide, it is really durable, soft and flexible. My kids adore practicing their grabs with this!

Also, you should see them perform all kinds of flips with this on! They made their progress steady, practicing flips first without it, and after they were confident enough they started flipping through the air with the board strapped on! Absolutely amazing feeling. I even tried it and it feels terrific.

Make sure to wear the socks or some light shoes while using having it strapped on; the straps can make a bloody mess with your feet, and you really want to avoid that!

So, having practiced on the trampoline, my kids are both free to try things while snowboarding and they have the actual experience without even getting themselves in dangerous situations on the snow. I absolutely recommend this accessory like nothing else. It truly made my trampoline a greater toy, my backyard more lively and my kids happier. What more can you ask for?

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If you have an older skateboard or snowboard and you don’t mind modifying it for usage on a trampoline, you can make your own bounce board by following the video below. But still, it is better to buy the original thing, trust me.

3. Skywalker accessory kit

image of trampoline accessory kitThis is a quick and possibly really helpful one. I won’t tell a lot of stories here; it is what it is.

You get a storage bag with two pockets for your kids to leave their shoes, things from their pockets etc, a 3 steps ladder and 4 wind stakes.

A couple of remarks: the storage bag attaches to the bottom of the spring pad. The ladders are really thin so they can hurt your feet. I put some foam around my ladders to prevent our feet from hurting, maybe that can help. Wind stakes are made for trampoline legs of up to 2” in diameter, which is pretty much every trampoline on the market.

Everything is really durable, ladders and wind stakes are made out of galvanized steel and with those wind stakes there is absolutely no possibility that your trampoline will move during even the windiest days there is. However, a tornado may move it. Probably.

It is really cheap which makes it a really good investment. The ladders are the only reason you could not buy this, as there are a lot of better ladders out there. But, as I said, just put some foam around and your ladders become the most comfortable thing on earth.

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4. Spring pulling tool

image of spring pulling toolAssembling the trampoline can be a hassle if you’re doing it the first time and if you bought a trampoline that doesn’t come with tools. Usually the last few springs are the hardest, the rest goes easy. Now, you have an option of hitting the gym 5 times a week for a couple of months and building the strength in those arms, or you can simply buy this little piece of equipment.

It does look simple, I admit, but it does the job. So,  you can assemble or disassemble your trampoline without breaking a sweat in no time at all with this piece of equipment. And be careful which you buy as there are a lot of the low-quality tools that can break on the third or fourth spring. JumpKing does the job, in my experience, which is why I recommend it here.

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