Safety and Guides

Isn’t safety the most important thing when it comes to your kids? Also, you probably need to protect yourself and minimize the risk of injuries for all the activities you do.

I know it was important for me when I was looking for the perfect trampoline for my kids. I was paranoid – they could fall out, they could fall onto the spring and scratch themselves, they could fall through the net, the mats could be too hard so they could hurt them…

And hence the research was done. I will try to explain everything I learned about the safety concerning trampolines in the articles below.

Also, here are the guides to assembling, along with some of the accessories for your trampoline, such as ladders, spring tools and so on – which is so that you have all the information you need to get your jumping going.

Whether you are really interested in investing in safety or you are just looking for some extra information, I hope that this page can help you.