Magic Circle Trampolines

This is a really great manufacturer but a not so popular one as well. I never knew why. I mean it is popular, but no giant like Skywalker or JumpSport are… Anyways, I’m rambling too much. Here’s the review!

Magic Circle Octagonal 16ft without an enclosure

image of octagonal 16ftOkay, so I’ve only tried this one from this category and if I may say that I was blown away. This tops all of the popular round trampolines cold. As far as jumping goes, this is far superior, both in terms of capability and jumping height.

As far as capability goes, it supports up to 450 pounds, so that will make you covered for your personal use or for some backyard parties.

As for jumping height… I could do double flips on this with no problem at all. My friend who owns this weighs 250 pounds and he’s doing the same. This really is insane.

It comes with really high-quality springs, that are of the same quality as the onesĀ in olympic trampolines. They are of course rust-resistant, as is the frame. The frame is really thick – as thick as a nickel – so no twisting, no breaking, just jumping.

Also, this is one of the easiest assemblies ever; it took us only about 35 minutes, and it is a 16ft trampoline! No extra tools needed – you just unpack it, follow the instructions and there you go!

Just bear in mind that this comes without a safety enclosure so please be extra careful when jumping on it. My friend didn’t buy it at all and he had no problems whatsoever. Kids usually tend to jump against the enclosure if you have it. There is a version with enclosure, but it costs around $500 more and I don’t know whether it is worth that much. Just be careful.

It comes in three colors: green, purple and yellow. They usually deliver a mix of the three, so if you want a particular color, you have to be specific with the seller.

I really enjoyed my time on this one. It truly is a great trampoline and all of my recommendations go out to this if you’ve settled on the octagonal type.

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