Gymnastics on Trampolines

Trampoline gymnasticsA couple of us were really fascinated by gymnastics when we were kids. Not all of us could experience performing, jumping, doing flips and other “extreme” stuff gymnasts do (well, a regular flip is hardly extreme, but a double or triple flip…). Why would that stop us?

Whether it is for impressing women, for our own amusement, the thrill of it or something else (learning to do a flip so you could do it while skydiving for example), all the jumping gymnasts do are easier to learn if you start on the trampoline. That is even how gymnasts start – along with the sponge pit and some other equipment that we’re not reviewing here.

Back in the day I did some gymnastics – and I wanted to progress rapidly. So I started jumping on my trampoline – practicing backflips for as long as I could. My skill increased dramatically and I learned a lot of the tricks in a very short time! That is the power of this way of training.

So you’re on the look to peek into the world of gymnastics by buying/owning a trampoline? There are a couple of factors that could help you choose the best home trampoline for gymnastics or the best outdoor trampoline for gymnastics, depending on where you wish to place it. One of the most notable criteria is jumping potential and size (especially for indoor usage).

I do not recommend indoor usage for a couple of obvious reasons. While you can certainly place a jumping mat for kids indoors, if you wish to have a really good bounce you should probably move it outside as those are bigger and hey, you can actually break something if you jump too high, right? That being said, I will give you an option if you want to follow this route.

If you’re on the look for the trampoline-like they have them in the jumping parks, those are considered as professional and you can’t really buy them anywhere you’d like as regular consumer stores don’t sell them. Plus, you need a whole bunch of equipment, so I won’t be dwelling into that here. Maybe, later on, I’ll write a page about that.

Here we will discuss what makes trampoline good for gymnastics, as well as give an overview of my recommended best home and outdoor trampolines for gymnastics. Bear in mind that performing gymnastics can be dangerous and you’re doing it at your own risk – don’t say later I didn’t warn you.

1. Happy Trampoline with Net Enclosure  10′ x 17′

This is an all-American made one. The first thing you’ll notice is that it comes with a safety enclosure as well as the ladder. It focuses on the quality of the jumping surface and the springs, which is why it can be qualified as olympic.

The springs (108 springs of Super heavy-duty) that are used are of bigger diameter (9” long, 33% longer than competitors) and higher quality than most of the competitors. What does that mean? Well, for starters, you’re sure that you won’t fall through. Second, the bounce you can get with this trampoline is BIG. I mean, it is really big. True olympic style. The Patented Stay-put enclosure net is made of tough, high-grade polyester mesh.  It has 4 legs heavy duty Stabilizer Frame that boasts a 3.0 mm thick “commercial grade quality” steel tubing galvanized inside and out.

But let’s be clear on one thing: this is absolutely made for both experts and beginners. The jumping mat is 40 inches high, the bounce is great, there are enclosure set and the ladder. What else do you need?!

The weight limit is 550 pounds, which is to say that one person can be really aggressive, but you can jump for enjoyment as well.

All of the materials used are made for outdoors usage. Everything is rust-resistant, or weather-resistant, or UV resistant, or everything of the above. I’d still cover it though, as it is quite expensive so just to be on the safe side. Assembling isn’t really hard.

So this is a serious thing and not really a toy. But I know you’ll enjoy it. How do I know that? Because I did. A lot.

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2. JumpSport Elite 14ft with enclosure

image of jumpsport elite 14ftLet’s start with minor details: it comes in navy blue and black colors, looks very strong and sturdy. It has a UV resistant mat and enclosure, along with strong, rust-resistant frame and rust-resistant springs. Okay, but a lot of trampolines have these; what’s so special with this one, you might ask?

Well, would you mind me telling you that this has a 15 years warranty on its frame? I know that really caught my attention. I’m used to products which break a few days after the warranty expires. But for this one, even if it is the case, that still 15 years! And if you plan on using it that whole time and you finance yourself like a bank, you’ll realize that you can get this trampoline for as little as 10$ a month, which is insane!

Ok, but apart from that, this is the most amazing thing: it supports up to 800 pounds. What? You’re excited as I am? 800 pounds at once! And they say no more than 240 per person. Ok, that is acceptable for me. But that means I can have my friends over for a party in the backyard!

Onward, it doesn’t come with ladders, but I highly suggest you buy them as well. The enclosure is attached from the inside, so that makes it for better security. And you can have a really high bounce!

In fact, I have this one in my backyard. I used to practice my gymnastics moves on it. It is that spacious and that good. Try it for yourself!

Oh, and one more thing – the assembly was really easy. The only thing that was something I considered carefully with this one was the price. If you can afford it, go for it! I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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3. Skywalker 10ft round

Ok, so this is a little smaller. So why is it here on the list? Because I’d recommend going with this one as the best home trampoline for gymnastics. Mainly because of the size.

First of all, let’s talk about the weight limit. On the box, it says that it is 175 pounds max and although I tend to take these precautions very seriously, I managed to find out that it can hold about 200 pounds. I wouldn’t go above it.

It is a really solid and stable thing, rust-resistant frame and 64 rust-resistant springs and everything you need to make a trampoline work – classical Skywalker thing.

The safety net is attached directly to the jumping mat via the buttonhole patent, so that makes it even safer. Also, it isn’t really tall, so you won’t be needing any ladders for this one as well.

Instructions for the assembly are a little unclear and a bit confusing, so I suggest reading all of them first before starting the assembly process. Also, I recommend taking two persons for this job because at some points you will need an extra hand.

It is exactly 10ft in diameter, which makes around 8.5ft of jumping mat space and the rest are springs and the frame. This is obviously important when you’re dealing with a small space.

If you decide to bring it inside, be sure to wrap some paddings around the legs of the trampoline – the shock from jumping can really damage your floor and you probably don’t want that, right? Oh, and bear in mind that you can jump a little higher with this, so try not to jump too high while you’re inside. I’m telling this because we don’t use safety net when we use our trampolines inside – and that can simply put, break some stuff around.

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